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  The Concept of The Book Cubby and BookQT & associated nominals began back in 1962 with my first joba as a high school student at our local library. I unexpectedly became a voracious reader and found we had littel cubby holes with partitions for private reading that we called a "Cubby," "Cubby Hole," "Book Cubby," and then I got into some seafaring reading and thought of my room as my "Book Berth" & "Book Bunk & also "Book Cozy" came up as I had been writing for some about 2 years at the time and like thes terms.

   As time progresssed, there were informal but lively "Discussion Groups" and a plethora of brainstormings resulting in mental exercise, and more practically, in community services beign concieved and implemented. These included: ABayGo, ABayFun, Abba Mall, Abba River, Abba Find, Abba Store, Abba Bay, ABay Mall, ABay Book, BookCubby, Book Cubby Hole, Book Berth, Book Bunk as well as multiple associated nominals, in the United States, as a part of a Free American Online Community Service & later a Church Ministry, A Charitable Work & Helping Organization, Originally in 1972, "Online" by Telephone & also local Mail, Local Paid Media Advertising, as well as, Personal Referrals. All These, Offering Consumers, a Charitable & Free Reference, Information & Shopping Mall of Live Answers, Choices & Contacts, Online by Live Telephone; Referring Our Users or Customers to Helping Organizations, Health & Personal Care Services, Communit & Public Services, and Local Professionals, in All Fields, as well as, Stores, Retail Merchants & Service Providers, that They Could Trust, and at No Charge to Anyone. & & &, &, Start at for Our Story.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Offering: and associateds, were Later Upgraded and Went National & International by The Internet.
   We also Began, Our Children's Online International Hospital, Offering Treatment through Prayer and Abba as a Worldwide Online Church, Allowing People to Attend Complete, Read through, Church Worship Services, Read Multiple Language Bibles & Send Prayer Requests, for All People in All Countries and of All Cultures, in Convenience for Everyone, by the Internet, and Also for Those Suffering People Who Live in Countries which Persecute Religious Reading or Practice, or Do Not Allow Religious Freedom of Worship and Practice.

   We are Most Deeply at Heart, A Charity. We are also sa Private Business, and as such, we payu taxes to Our Government, like everyont else, and do not take or use charitable deductions.
   Abba or A as in Alpha or First, is a Biblical Term meaning Dad or Father, as in God. It is also a remarkably pervasive term, in its forms abba, ab, baba, etc., throughout many Cultures and Nations Globally, perhaps for some thousands of years, meaning the same, as in Father.

   We use the words "Bay" or "River" to describe
God's Living Waters, River of Life or "Still Waters that Restoreth My Soul."

.  This Online Worldwide Network of Hundreds of Caring, Helping & Church Services and also Retail Merchants & Services, Malls & Department Stores Listings are a Private Business of Charitable Works & has always been, since its Inception in 1972, advertised by Various Media and by the Online or Internet & Computer Access in 1987, still giving free services to our consumers.
   We Continue NOW through to the Present, as a Free Private Charitable Work Offering,,, & & & These All Giving Our Consumers, Free Online Internet, Choices & Information About; and Direct Links to; Stores, Retail Merchants & Service Providers: to Search, Browse, Enjoy, Shop & Make Purchases.

   Most Importantly, As Kind Merchant's Pay Us Finder's or Affiliate's or Listing Fees, We Can Then Make Donations & Give to, Help & Care for Hunggry, Needy, Sick & Suffering Children, Their Families, Disaster Victims, Charities & Helping Organizations:
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